Love Letter #46

  Hi Suzie Baby, You have my love for life. I am forever yours. I will always love you and treat you right. I Love You, Steven

A Letter To My Wife’s Family

Steven D. Jennings


Who would want their daughter, sister, aunt, or any family member to get involved with a man in prison? Not me! I could only imagine. But this is the situation for Suzie’s family. She’s involved with me. We’re in love. We’re married.

Here is a letter that I wrote to her family:

Dear Suzie’s Family,

Um…Hi. I’m a little nervous, so please bare with me. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I sincerely hope you do so with an open mind.

What is love?
What does it mean to truly love someone?
What is the ultimate goal in life?

To me, these answers are quite simple. The ultimate goal is to be happy. To truly love someone means to treat them with respect and compassion at all times. Love is kind, gentle, and understanding.

I love Suzie. She is so sweet, kind, and compassionate. I recognize all her unique…

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Love Letter #45

  My Dearest Suzie, Thank you for all the warm feelings you bring my way. I love each and every letter I get from you. I love your beautiful spirit. I love your mind and personality. I love this journey we're on. I love how you keep me looking forward to another day. I love … Continue reading Love Letter #45

Love Letter #44

  What up Suzie Q? I'm growing madly deeply truly in love with you. You are my dream girl and my future wife. Our connection is way beyond anything I've ever experienced. There isn't another woman out there that fits me like you do. You are the perfect fit and I plan on wearing you … Continue reading Love Letter #44

Love Letter #43

  My Beautiful Suzie, Good day to you. Yes, I think of home often. My vision has been crazy for all these years. But now that I've met you, my vision of home is changing. I am your man and I have your back at all times. Your love and devotion to me has really opened my … Continue reading Love Letter #43

Love Letter #42

  My Handsome Steven, I've been feeling our harmonious love vibrations, it motivates me, and makes me feel good. I sure do love you! And I have beautiful thoughts of you. You're an amazing man with a tender heart, a wise soul, and an intelligent mind. I honor and respect you. Mwah...on your lips, slowly...over & … Continue reading Love Letter #42

Made With Love

Suzie M. Jennings


To My Lovely Lady,

My love goes out to my one & only lady. I do not exclude anything from you, for I love ALL of you. My love warms and lightens every part of you. And it is my desire to touch your heart, soul, and sacred inner-being…for I am your true soul mate! The love I have for you is a POWERFUL force that will bring you ultimate happiness beyond that in which you have ever known.

The love within me is complete & perfect because YOU are complete & perfect.

I love you,


Gosh I love my husband! Just look at what he writes to me. His heart is so full of love and I am honored to be his wife, best friend, and partner in life. His love touches every part of me and fills my world with a special warmth.

A few months…

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