Making Love In Prison


I fantasize everyday about the very first conjugal visit I’ll have with my beautiful wife in March 2017. Here’s a little daydream glimpse into my anticipation…

It’s the night before my very first EFV with Suzie. I can’t believe I’m about to finally be physically intimate with my wife. I’ve been waiting for this moment for over 23 years! The butterflies are going CRAZY in my stomach. I probably won’t sleep at all tonight.

So I go to my cell and do 1000 push-ups. They come easy. I’ve been doing intense work outs for the past 3 years. My body is ripped and strong…just how Suzie wants it.

She has also instructed me on how to man-scape. I have followed her instructions to a T. From head to toe, I am ready for her!

On the morning of our special visit, two guards escort me to a cozy little two-bedroom manufactured home. They inform me that my wife is in route.

I step out on the front porch to wait. That’s when I see a white van stopped at the prison gate. A few minutes later, the gate slides open, and the van rolls onto prison grounds.

From about one block away I can see my baby sitting in the van. I wave, not really sure if she sees me.

My heart skips a beat when she waves back. A huge smile coverers my face. If I was a puppy, my tail would be vigorously wagging, I’d be jumping up and down, and I’d be whining with excitement.

But I’m not a puppy! I’m a man who has been fantasizing about making love for over two decades! I’m a man who has been masturbating to pictures and magazines for over 20 years. I’m a man who’s about to spend 48 hours all alone with the woman I love!

So I just stand there, jumping up and down as I rapidly clap my hands together. Yeah, I can control myself if I so desire…but the theatrics are so much fun. And for the next 48 hours I’m just gonna let loose and do whatever the heck I want!

The van pulls up to the mobile home. My baby gets out looking finer than wine. She’s wearing a silk turquoise summer dress. Her DD cleavage is screaming for attention. And attention they shall get. Later.

I wrap my arms around her for a hug and then I kiss her soft lips. Before our embrace ends, our eyes meet and our breathing becomes in sync. This hug and kiss is different, yet the same…for we both know that today is the day that our flesh officially becomes one. Words do not even need to be spoken between us, we can sense one another’s emotions perfectly.

We unload the van together and take our groceries inside. Then the guards do a quick inventory and have us sign a form. Once it’s signed, they leave and we are alone together for our long over-due wedding night.

The second they leave, I grab my wife, pull her close, and hug her. My hands slide down her back. I gently caress her soft…

I can’t believe I am a husband now, and that I have a wonderful wife who I’ll share these special intimate moments with forever.


Steven Jennings

Love Letter #39




Good Morning My Beautiful Suzie,

You are my one and only fantasy. I never dreamed that I could love someone as much as I love you. My heart beats for you darling. Thank you for the sweet gift of love. Your amazing ”life enhancing” love has enabled me to feel powerful emotions that can only be generated by the romantic notion of love. And let me tell you my sweet little cupcake, it’s the best feeling in the world. I absolutely LOVE loving you!

Last night I went out to the frozen snow covered yard as snow fell from the cold sky. I looked beyond my boundaries, above all the razor wire, at hundreds of snow covered trees that sit over ye yonder way up on the hills. I don’t ever remember them being this beautiful. My love for them was somehow significantly enhanced. But why? Why now? I’ve seen these trees thousands of times.

The answer is simple. Your incredibly powerful love has enhanced my life and transformed my heart. I see everything from a different lens. A lens of love and beauty. Life has new meaning to me. You, and your love, have opened up a whole new dimension in my life. And I’m taking it all in. Every single bit of it. I am completely open to you. Your soul has entered my soul and I feel you no matter where I go or what I do. I’m constantly loving you baby. You affect and have impact on everything in my life.

That’s why on this cold night out in the yard, I stayed nice and cozy with warm thoughts of my lady. I can’t wait to look deep into your exotic green eyes as I make sweet passionate love to your mind, body, and soul. We’re going to have an unworldly threesome. You, me, and the ultimate enhancer: The Spirit of Love.

Thank you, my darling, for bringing your sweet love into my heart, and into my daily life. You are my ultimate treasure and my most cherished gift. I will forever honor you and cherish you as I continue to treat you with nothing but love, understanding, and the utmost respect. You are my everything.


Your husband,
Steven Dale

Love Letter #38




Hello My Handsome Steven,

Gosh I love you. I truly look forward to the moments alone we’ll soon share together, loving each other, sharing our playfulness, and getting to know one another in the most intimate ways. We’ll be body-to-body and lip-to-lip as we hold one another close. I long for those intimate moments of passion & connection with you. We’re gonna make each other feel sooo good. I’m feel’n it right now. I know because I can feel it in my heart as my eyes tear up with love and affection for you. I love you with all my heart and soul.

Your Darling Wife,

Love Letter #37




Dec. 2012

Dearest Suzie,

I like how you said, “Coming across your profile online has changed my life.” Baby, you have no idea! Super amazing things are in our future. Such as fame and fortune beyond your wildest imagination.

I’ve been thinking A LOT about this…about us. I feel like I may be selfish in regards to wanting other women. Because you deserve better. I don’t want to hurt you or break your heart. Even if you say I can have other lovers, but I know it breaks your heart…then that’s not right.

You’re beautiful baby, and I want you as mine. I want to help make you even more beautiful. I want to help boost your confidence and self esteem.

I love you, Suzie! I think you are the missing piece of my life that I’ve been waiting for. I want to get inside your head. I want to know your thoughts. I want to know everything about you. What makes you feel certain kinda ways? What type of things do you dislike? What pains you? What is your ultimate dream?

Yes, I do believe in soul mates. I think I may have found mine in you. We were supposed to meet just when we did. Now we have a journey, a mission to accomplish…together. I’m very thankful you are in my life. I believe we will make each other better.

I love you dearly.
Have a nice day.


Love Letter #36



Dec. 2012

Hi Steven!

Hi. How’s the weather up north? I’ve been thinking of you. Yes, your letters do make me feel special. You reach out and touch me with every word you write.

I realize that our relationship and our situation is a bit different from society’s view of normal and traditional. You and I are making our own personal “S & S” style. My focus is also on us and our relationship. You asked me what I expect from you? That’s easy: Love me. Love me unconditionally, and I will love you the same.

Who will you be upon release from prison, you asked? I don’t know. But I do know that you will be loved by me and our children. And that we will have a beautiful home together.

You’ve told me that you want to be with other women when you get out. Will I like you sleeping with other women? No. It would break my heart baby. That is not what I envision our life together when you get out. I want you to come home to me and our family. Please realize that we will most likely have kids by the time you are released, so please be considerate, discrete, and know your position as a “father figure” if you are with lots of other women when you get out of prison.

I want a family with you, Steven. A home, family dinners, family vacations, Christmas mornings, I want it all and I want it with the man I love…YOU. I will wait for you baby. Rest assured, I’m not gonna go out looking for other men or go out with the intention of finding a lover. My devotion is to you. Always and forever. I am a one-man kind of gal. I am faithfully yours.

I’ll say a sweet goodnight to you now. Sending you lots of love.

I love you.

Your Sweetheart,

Letter #35




Hello My Amazing Suzie,

I love you.
You’re simply the best.
You deserve the best.
I’m committed to giving you the best.

Good things come to those who wait. Your patience will pay off. Then, your panties will come off. Mwah. I love you.

I miss you my love. Come visit me again. Max those credit cards out. Don’t worry about the bills or payments. Why? Because soon we’ll be rich and we’ll pay off all the bills. Trust me. My ebook is about to sell millions of copies. Just focus on the now, and do what you gotta do to get what you want.  Who cares about your credit score when we’re about to be millionaires!!! Don’t worry about money baby…I got you. Blow up your cards…come see me! I wanna kiss those lips. MWAH!

I am forever your man, lover, husband, best friend, father of your children, and anything else you want me to be…forever yours!

I love you.


To My Wife…

Steven D. Jennings


My Sweet Darling,

I LOVE YOU MORE THAN AIR!!! Thank you for bringing me serenity, intimacy, love, and joy. I am in prison. I am not supposed to feel these things. Yet you find amazing ways to give me these in abundance. Without you a large part of my Being would suffocate in my own demise.

Our journey of minds have become ONE. I absolutely love & cherish the fact that together we know there is a state of consciousness that heals instantly. I’ve lived a huge portion of my life unaware that this state of consciousness exists. This is a gift that you have given me. You have opened my eyes.

When I am with you, I am at my happiest. Do you have any idea how much love & excitement you bring to my life? My heart beats for you. Not only are you my wife, you are…

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The Sweetest Letter From My Husband

Suzie M. Jennings


I will always remember the exact moment I read this very letter. A flood of tender love & emotion ran through me and instantly healed my heart from hurtful words. I truly felt what it is like to forgive quickly and to forget all previous painful conversations. It was as though this letter hit the “refresh” button for my mind and heart.

It’s hard to explain, but I instantly felt safe. Such a huge burden was lifted off of my shoulders in a single second, and replaced with pure wholesomeness & comfort. I completely love my husband and how he snuggles so perfectly into my heart and soul.  ❤


Hello My Sweet Ladylove,

I love you…I miss you.

Early on in our relationship I said some things according to how I felt at that time. I said some things that formed in my mind as a result of being single, alone, and in prison…

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Real Love Letters

Steven D. Jennings


Real Love Letters: Falling in love through writing. The connection. The journey. The romance.

How could a vibrant, intelligent woman fall in love with a man in prison? To most people, it makes no sense. I don’t even fully understand it. Yet, I’m referring to my situation. HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN? That is the question a lot of people ask. And if they don’t ask it, they’re thinking it! The answer is better SHOWN, rather than told.

I invite you to follow our blog: Real Love Letters. It shows how a shy, introvert, Mormon girl falls in love with an outspoken, extrovert…who just so happens to be a convict serving 43 years in prison.

My wife, Suzie, and I know we have something special and unique. A powerful love unlike anything we’ve ever known. And now we have decided to share it with the world. We share our back and…

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Hiking 1,000 Miles To Hug My Husband

Suzie M. Jennings

How to Choose the Best Hiking Boots for You

Yep, I am!

Our marriage is full of Paper Hugs, and I really feel like going the distance to get a real one. I will start in California and hike north on the Pacific Crest Trail all the way up to Washington, where my husband is. I estimate that this long distance backpacking trip will take nearly 3 months.

This hike symbolizes my commitment and devotion. There will be peaks and valleys along the way on this trip, just as in our life together. Most of our communication is virtual right now (emails, blogging, social media, etc.). I just feel like I need to do something physical to make this marriage feel more real to me.

thCAAJWW2N Pacific Crest Trail

The romantic in me is doing this for my marriage. But I am also doing it for myself. To heal. To accept. To experience. To find my truth. To feel alive. And to feel a sense of personal…

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