Letter #9



Dec. 2012

Dear Super Sweet Special Steven,

I just got back from Christmas shopping. You were on my mind. I looked up at the clouds & there you were. I turned the radio up and envisioned you sitting next to me jamm’n.

Why am i compelled to get to know you? Its an indescribable feeling to me right now. I’m still in the process of making sense of it. Is it fate? Is it destiny? Is it real? I’ve always dreamed of what MY love story would be. No more watching other peoples love stories come true!…I want a love story of my very own. Is this the beginning of OUR love story…who knows. Maybe. Maybe not. But…what if.

Risk taker? Not usually. I don’t know what posessed me to even respond to your profile. I’ve never done any kind of online dating before. I was drawn to you, & the next thing i know Im sitting in my car at a park writing to you. What if I hadn’t listened to that gut feeling of mine? Today would just be a normal day. But ever since I wrote that first letter to you…I’ve gone to bed thinking of you, woke up thinking abt you, showered thinking abt you…everything i did, you were right there with me – and I hadn’t even heard back from you yet.

So…you must not have a problem w/our age difference then. To me, age is just a number. Just as water is wet.

Your profile was like getting an ice cream cone, but having it taken away suddenly. Now I have a craving for it. For you. I want just another lick. What’s your flavor? Who are you? Tell me before it melts away! Put it on ice & save it for me. Cause babe, I’m come’n to get it!

Are you getting tired of me yet? Hope not! I’m just sitting here on my couch thinking of this new friend I have who is miles away. Don’t laugh, but I totally have one of those  fireplace DVD’s on right now. It’s cold out and looks like it may rain, so it just fits my mood. Christmas is getting close. Does Santa visit you there? What does Steven want this year? What would be your Christmas wish?

Wanna wake up to the feel of me kissing your neck, your chest, and my lips sliding further and further downward until…

What do your whispers in my ear sound like, I wonder?

That’s it! We’re dating. I’m making it official. 🙂

Here is the final piece of my picture. Yep, I’m a freckle face. Do you like freckles? My dad used to call them angel kisses.

02 (2)

Crazy About You,


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