Letter #24




Dec. 2012

Merry Christmas Steven!

I absolutely love this time of year. And I absolutely love YOU!

Right now it’s Tuesday night. I’m about to go to bed because I’ve had a long couple of days w/the fam. I gotta tell ya…I found myself daydreaming about a family of our own. It was a warm, comforting thought. We have so much more of life to live…together.

Do you like fudge? My mom makes the world’s BEST fudge ever! We beg her to make it, then it gets gobbled up real fast. Now she’s resorted to hiding it and rationing it out. She knows all the best hiding spots, too. One year my brothers and I were hungry, so we searched for something good to eat. We found a hunk of foil in the freezer with the word “turkey” on it. Left overs! Yum.  Then we open that hunk of foil and find…FUDGE! Score! 🙂

I’m listening to Christmas music right now. I decorated the house while my mom was outta town. When she walked in, she absolutely loved it! My family has always gone all out for Christmas. I positively love to look at our Christmas tree at night when the white lights twinkle and glow. It makes me feel comfy, cozy, and magical.

Have I mentioned that I love snow? I do. I think it is beautiful as it falls from the sky and then settles on the earth like a soft blanket. (We Won The 2015 Christmas Door Decorating Contest!)

Did you know that mistletoe is actually a fungus? Yep! Strange how tradition has everyone kissing under a poisonous fungy plant. lol

I cant wait to check my mail tomorrow & hopefully find a letter from ya.
(Also, I wanna hug you!)
I’m thinking of you, its impossible not to.
(Also, I wanna kiss you!)
You make me happy!
(Also, I wanna touch your body!)
You are a piece of me & I take you everywhere I go.
(Also, I wanna lay in your arms.)

So, this man goes to see a shrink for the 1st time. He walks into the doctors office wearing nothing but a pair of shorts made out of saran wrap. The shrink takes one look at him & says, “I can clearly see your nuts.” HeHeHe. Just a little joke for ya.

My life jumped from dull to happy when I got your 1st letter. Every letter since has had me falling hard, head over heals in love with you. I’ve been in a bliss state of mind. I had been looking in all the wrong places for you. Who knew that I would’ve found you there…in prison…waiting so patiently for me. Mwah!

Merry Christmas my AMAZING man!

I Love You,


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